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The lack of a proper sales process or one that is broken will always display symptoms. If your company displays any of these, TyrrellCooper would delighted to discuss solutions with you solutions over a cup of coffee – no obligations. In fact we will guarantee results!

The top 10 symptoms of a broken sales process are:

1. Forecast accuracy is poor and off-the-mark.
2. Pipeline visibility is cloudy and speculative.
3. Inability to pro-actively pin-point bottlenecks and barriers to success.
4. Sales performance is inconsistent and unpredictable throughout the sales force.
5. Win rates are declining.
6. Longer sales cycles than forecast or anticipated.
7. Coaching around sales opportunities is ambiguous and general.
8. Inability to quickly leverage and replicate success across the organisation.
9. Ramp-up time for new sales people is long and frustrating.
10. Cost of sales is difficult to track and manage.