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Are you planning now to hit 2019 sales targets?

We are in  a period of uncertainty leading up to Brexit  on 29th March 2019 and beyond. Don’t become the ‘rabbit caught in the headlight’ – start planning now to succeed in the challenging area of improving sales and hitting your sales targets in 2019 and beyond.
I will look at areas that you should start considering now and then go into detail on each of them over the coming weeks.
We know that sales has radically changed over the last few years with buyers so well informed. It is crucial that your approach to improving sales is proactive – being reactive is not going to lead to success.
What this is not:
1. The responsibility of one person! Sales is the product of a business working in alignment, as such there needs to be a collective responsibility for revenue success.
2. A training programme. Training may well be a tactical requirement
3. A quick fix. Exceeding your revenue growth objectives year on year is not easy. Growing revenues consistently is not a short term project. It requires the leaders of sales, marketing, product and operations to be aligned behind the overall strategy of the board.. This requires investment, and skill and a longer term view.
So what are the areas that you should consider when planning for revenue growth in 2019?
• Corporate Strategy
• Product Strategy
• Marketing Strategy
• Sales Strategy
Aligning these 4 key business strategies will lead to repeatable revenue growth in 2019.


In subsequent blogs we will look at some of the questions you need to consider when trying to identify where the challenges sit in the business. Here’s a clue – they all will not sit in just one of the 4 areas!

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